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Help saving miners from an accident
Interactive escape mine experience

4th DRITL – Virtual mining museum


Delavski dom Trbovlje
Trg svobode 11a
1420 Trbovlje

4th dritl, Virtual mining museum is telling a story about a coal mine in Trbovlje and lives of people around it.

We enhance our storytelling through the new media technology and a guided tour through an authentic reconstruction of a coal mine featuring original items. You will be given a tour by our experienced guides which tell an interesting story based on the history of the town and local anecdotes.

We strive to make our museum accessible to the widest audience.

Obiskali so nas ...

  • Čudovito! Krasno pripravljeno. Se zagotovo še vidimo.

    Geološki krožek Kamenkost
    OŠ Komenda Moste
  • Naša ekskurzija se je zaključila v Trboveljskem rudniku. Hvala za super izkušnjo.

    Skupina iz NLB
  • Thank you very much for very interesting tour. Modern technology and lively interpretation made us easily going back to the old times of mining.

    Ramona in Arthur
    Erlangen, Nemčija
  • Congratulations for including modern technology into presentation of the past times.

  • It was a realistic view at how hard the people worked during their lives to produce a very necessary product. This museum is a tribute to the live of the people in the area. The people working together, side by side, made mining work.

    Edward Patch senior
  • It was a very nice tour of exhibition, which enabled students to understand every day life of miners under the earth, with succesful combination of real objects and digital content.

    Učenci in učitelji Gimnazije Scheinfeld

Entrance fee

Children under 15: 5 €
Adults: 10 €

Group of 10 or more:

  • – 20 percent

When also visiting Escape mine:

  • – 20 percent

4. DRITL – Escape mine

Interactive escape game

Rescue trapped miners

3 – 6 people

New media technology

(VR, AR, hologram)

Will you take up the challenge and descend in the depths of Trbovlje coal mine?

Trbovlje coal mine is being closed down and all of its misteries are being forgotten. Last maintenance works are being finished and the coal mine is being abandoned.
In the deepest part of the mine – The Black Hole, about which the most peculiar legends are told and where the highest quality black coal was mined, there was a terrible accident. Miners trying to seal the tunnel ended up trapped in a cave in. The foreman – “štajger” of the shift is calling to an immediate action.

A team of brave rescuers is needed to save the miners.

Who is up to the challenge? Strange things are happening in the mine. Will we finally discover its secrets?

The Best Rescue Teams


Ekipa Vodosil

Lisci +

Booking and inquiry:

The Inspiration project is implemented under the Co-operation Program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia 2014-2020 and is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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Experience Zasavje from the top of Kum mountain

We will take you on a journey of coal mining stories, life of worker families trough time and show how we bravely work for the better furture. We shall also venture to the Regional park Kum, where in the beautiful environment special suprises await us.

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Tales from Trbovlje: from a mining to a new media town

The town that grew together with (and because of) a coal mine, holds many interesting tales and stories.

Take your time and immerse yourself to the vivid life of ex mining town, now turning to it’s future as a new media setting.
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Sanacija rudniških površin Trbovlje

Landscapes of coal mining: the past and the future

Coal mining enabled the town of Trbovlje to develop and grow. The environment in the valley of Trbovlje took a big hit because of such progress. One of the most important tasks during the closure of the mine is therefore restoration and repurposing of the landscape.

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Delavski dom Trbovlje
Trg svobode 11a
1420 Trbovlje

Virtual Mining Museum,
Escape Mine

Trg svobode 11a
1420 Trbovlje

+386 51 626 296

Current projects of 4. DRITL

Evropski sklad za razvoj podeželja: Evropa investira v podeželje

Projekt je sofinanciran iz sredstev ESRR, program sodelovanja Interreg V-A Slovenija – Hrvaška 2014 – 2020.