4th dritl (i.e. (work) shift)
In the 4th DRITL we present mining with new technologies; virtual and augmented reality. The 4th DRITL, the Virtual Museum of Coal Mining addresses us with a reconstruction of a mine shaft; it shows and conveys the values, habits, and experience of the industrial age that are irrevocably disappearing.

4th DRITL, the Virtual Museum of Coal Mining presents mining heritage in a novel, visually attractive manner. You make your way through a proper pit, equipped with authentic mining exhibits, with light and sound effects, holograms and projections. Aided with a state-of-the-art technology for virtual and augmented reality you will enter the world of miners as it was a hundred years ago. Employing advanced modern technology, we present the life of the families who lived in a miners’ colony as well as their struggle for a brighter tomorrow.

4. DRITL, Virtual Mining Museum is appropriate for all generations!