2-day package

The history of the Zasavje region is abundantly variegated, hence our heritage very rich. There is special and recognizable industrial or residential building heritage from the time of coal mining and industrialization; namely the preserved industrial plants or parts of them and, moreover, housing colonies. Zasavje region gives numerous possibilities for leisure-time activities, majorly related to the naturally given sights. We offer you a tour of a unique interlacement of industrial heritage with well-preserved nature.

Day 1

  • Tour the Virtual Museum of Coal Mining – 4th Dritl
  • Tour two miner’s flats in the Njiva miners’ colony
  • Perkmandeljc’s hike through the Trbovlje-Hrastnik Mine, including a typical miner’s refreshment
  • Visit the TET chimney
  • Drive to Mount Kum; visit the highest location of the Forma Viva exhibition in Slovenia
  • Meal at Mount Kum (including visit to the radio-television transmitter and the Church of St. Agnes); return to the valley or a possibility of staying the night in the mountain hut or in the Trbovlje Youth Centre.

Day 2

  • Tour the Hrastnik Glassworks
  • Miner’s meal in the »Mala mal’ca« Inn
  • Visit Katapult / Dewesoft high-tech companies
  • Tour the Mining Museum Zagorje
  • Tour the Ule Family Farm or Šešler Creamery

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